So we started. Many visits to vape stores followed. Google was our friend. YouTube depleted our data. Friends and fellow vapers became our Wikipedia and vape-test-dummies. Attraction Vape was born.

We believe that our products will all be clearly differentiated in the way we not only produce our excellent e-liquids but also in the way we present our products to the market. Exiting, sexy, fun and above all products that will attract your attention while satisfying your appetite for quality e-liquid vaping experiences.
We are proud to present the vaping fraternity with Attraction Vape. Slow Motion Steeped TM. Like our payoff line states we belief that one day all e-liquids will be made this way.

Our launch range consists of 3 Captivating flavors that by The Laws of attraction will not only lure you in but also Seduce you in for more.

Slow Motion Steeped

Protecting our intellectual property and the care we take in our manufacturing processes to produce the highest quality e-liquids lead us to trademarking this innovative concept of SLOW MOTION STEEPED TM.

All vapers, DIY enthusiast and everyone that tried their hand at the art of mixology will endorse the fact that steeping is an integral part in producing the flavors we all yearn for. Rushing this delicate yet enigmatic process is just not an option.

Delicate flavor concentrates. Working with base liquids with a very high viscosity. The need for total control over the steeping process. Quality control to produce products with a consistency in flavor profile batch after batch. These were just a few of the conundrums we had to figure out on our pursuit for quality. Our conclusion was that a blender, a slow cooker or a wooden spoon will just not suffice.

Innovation to perfect the consistency of our products with quality in mind lead us to the creation and engineering of a very special piece of equipment. All our e-liquids are manufactured in small controlled batches in glass containers. We engineered a special piece of equipment to slowly steep our product to perfection. Making use of this innovative process we belief we created a process where the steep can be controlled to the highest level of perfection. Our e-liquid is the proof.

Our Flavors

The Laws of…

The berries will attract your mind and lure you back for more. Stay engaged all day long with its sweet taste of little sugar coated jelly delights. Notes of berries, passion fruit and a light lemon finish for an all-day vape experience.


Like a cool kiss the smooth cold will warm your taste buds. Exotic fruits will seduce you on a journey of longing for more.  The hints of apple, pineapple, litchi and a few more tropical surprises await your taste buds. The cool end is the perfect vape for a hot day.


Be captivated by the smooth tastes of strawberry and the total freshness of dragon fruit. Rounded off with a slightly cool after taste you will be attracted to continue your vaping experience. An easy al-day vape to captivate your taste for more.

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